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68 Beatty Lane
YACKANDANDAH, Victoria 3749
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We provide consulting services in:
• geospatial and data analysis
• cartography and map production
• interactive multimedia mapping
• data capture, collation and cleansing
• database design, validation and maintenance
• infographics
• research reporting.

We provide consulting services to a diverse range of clients across Australia, including government organisations and businesses.

We have the most up-to-date Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities, ensuring that we make full use of geographic information as a powerful tool to communicate and visualise location-based information and your business objectives.

More and more government and commercial organisations are coming to the understanding that analysing spatial and business data enables them to make more informed decisions. It helps governments to improve service delivery and makes businesses more profitable.

Our services supplement a variety of applications within many industry sectors, some of which are:
• transport and logistics/ drive-time analysis
• economic development
• interactive mapping
• demographic analysis
• land and natural resource management
• property and retail market analysis
• asset management
• waste management
• emergency management preparedness
• health services
• climate change adaptation studies
• renewable energies feasibility analysis
• 3D terrain modelling
• agriculture, forestry and many other industries.

Our current Brands:
Geospatial Walker Geospatial & Data Analysis are the experts at transforming data into knowledge for informed decision making. If your business collects data or can potentially utilise data from other sources, we can transform it into meaningful information and business knowledge. We specialise in drive-time, population and land use mapping and analysis.