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With 125 years of experience in the survey industry, UPG, Trimble distribution partner for Eastern and Central Australia, specialises in providing the latest in geospatial technology solutions and innovation across a number of industries including mining, land surveying, construction, utilities and local government, transportation and logistics as well as environmental and waste management. We've come a long way in 125 years and, while we're still the same fourth generation family business, and we still offer the latest in Trimble positioning technology and software, that's not all we do anymore. That's why we've changed from Ultimate Positioning to UPG - it still stands for Ultimate Positioning Group, but we think that calling ourselves UPG is more representative of the much broader geospatial offering we have now. We're pretty excited about what this all means and the new areas we're delving into, we hope you're excited too. So then, are you wondering what geospatial means? When we talk about geospatial we're talking about our traditional markets of survey and mapping, together with evolving areas such as aerial and ground-based imaging, laser scanning, and technology to improve environmental and waste management processes. Our new geospatial envelope is providing the solutions that organisations need in order to gather and manage spatial information in their particular industry. By using this information to aid in decision making, organisations will dramatically increase productivity, efficiency, accuracy and safety, all while lowering costs. We have a team of professionals from a number of different backgrounds including surveying, engineering, IT, business, Defence Force and various technical and trade industries. We'll work in consultation with you to understand your objectives and challenges and provide you with the best solutions from beginning to end. Our philosophy at UPG is to build and strengthen a long-term business relationship with you - in fact, our most long standing client has been with us for over a century. This relationship we'll build with you, based on the values of excellence, teamwork and integrity means we're not only here to provide the best solution, we'll be there through installation, support, service and repair.

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Trimble Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies that help customers grow their business by collecting, managing and analysing complex information fast