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Maker of professional grade GIS SDK products used by customers to develop custom GIS software applications and to add geospatial functionality to existing products. SDK editions are compiled natively for the Delphi, .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX, and Java development platforms, providing the means to develop GIS applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, and for the web.

Company also makes a general-purpose desktop GIS Editor application and a free desktop GIS Viewer.

Good to know
  1. Features
  1. Comprehensive object-oriented API with hundreds of classes and thousands of documented functions and properties designed for professional GIS development. Support for dozens of geospatial industry vector, raster, and SQL database layer formats, including advanced spatial databases (PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, and others). Additional features include powerful layer properties, legend and other visual controls, 5,000+ predefined coordinate systems, on-the-fly layer reprojection, vector editing, spatial and SQL queries, filters, topological operations, thematic/choropleth mapping, data classification methods, viewshed and AGL visibility analysis, vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms, point cloud-to-grid conversion, grid-to-polygon conversion, slope analysis, hydrology toolset, raster algebra, layer statistics, operation pipelining, dynamic shape aggregation, 3D visualization, and general compatibility with industry standards.
Our current Brands:
TatukGIS Developer Kernel Professional GIS software development kits with extensive object API designed for multiple development platforms and operating systems.
TatukGIS Editor General purpose desktop GIS mapping and data editing application directly supporting 75+ geospatial industry vector, image, grid, and database layer formats, 5,000+ coordinate systems, raster analysis, 3D visualization, databases and database layers, and much more. Powerful built-in scripting environment for customization and feature extensions.