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Unit 3, 16 Curly McLeod Way, Mount Maunganui
Hamilton, Waikato 3175
New Zealand
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SURVEY SOLUTIONS supply a range of the latest GNSS receivers and 3D scanners. SOUTH GNSS has prices starting from A$9,000+GST. SOUTH is accurate and reliable with extensive reference sites all over NZ & Pacific. 3D scanners available include ARTEC, and GEOSLAM. Survey accessories can be ordered through our SHOPONLINE. Service, repair, training and technical support is available. We are surveyors with 25 years experience worldwide.

Our current Brands:
GEOSLAM GEOSLAM from England manufacture the mobile ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner. The unit can be handheld, pole mounted or remote vehicle mounted. Areas mapped as quickly as you travel through the survey area
SATLAB GNSS SATLAB GNSS from SWEDEN provide an accurate and reliable solution which is compatible with all brands of GNSS. Used by many land surveyors in New Zealand. For a free trial contact us.
SOUTH GNSS SOUTH GNSS has been accepted by many land survey and engineering consultants all over New Zealand. The equipment is accurate and reliable and will get the job done. For a free no obligation trial