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Geoscape by PSMA Australia is Australia’s digital twin – the big picture with every detail. It represents the buildings, land, transport networks and more across Australia’s 7.6 million square kilometres. It’s reliable, affordable and accessible.

Geoscape location data delivers a clear picture of our complex cities, regional centres and rural communities as they change. It contains:

• 15 million buildings
• 14 million addresses
• 15 million land parcels
• 1 million swimming pools
• 1.1 million solar panel installations
• 2.7 million kilometres of roads
• land and tree cover across Australia

Geoscape powers deeper analysis and smarter processes for noise modelling, urban planning, property development, emergency management, telecommunications, government service delivery and more. It’s built on the expertise that Australian businesses and governments have relied on for decades.

It’s the location data you need to enhance your analysis and decision making. Choose the complete national picture or select your specific area of interest. You can:

• Request clips of the data features and attributes you need whenever you need them.
• Connect via an API plan for seamless integration of location into your business applications.
• Obtain an enterprise licence for a whole dataset.
• Engage a Geoscape Partner for a location-based solution.

Geoscape is underpinned by PSMA Australia’s commitment to explore and map the nation.

From PSMA Australia to Geoscape
Our current Brands:
Addresses API An address verification service that offers a range of attributes for a selected address, including Commonwealth and state electorate, local government and ABS statistical area, property identifier and geographic coordinates. Input addresses are validated against PSMA's Geocoded National Address File (GNAF).
Administrative Boundaries Australia’s most comprehensive national collection of boundaries including government, statistical and electoral boundaries.
Buildings API Offers detailed information on buildings, including 2D and 3D footprints, height, ground elevation, roof construction, solar panels and adjacent swimming pools. The information is sourced from the buildings theme in Geoscape. The Buildings API is supported by the PSMA Addresses API, which provides building identifiers associated with an address.
CadLite Spatial representation and information about the 11.8 million legal land parcels across Australia. This dataset is a graphical index of digital cadastral boundaries.
G-NAF Trusted database of geocoded Australian addresses.
G-NAF Live G-NAF Live is a cloud-based service for the most up-to-date geocoded addresses from each state and territory government of Australia. G-NAF Live is accessible 24/7 through PSMA Cloud.
Geoscape Captures building footprints and heights, land cover, tree heights, rooftop materials, swimming pools and solar panels for every address in Australia, all linked to ageocoded address and property data
Postcode Boundaries The Postcode Boundaries dataset is the definitive set of Australian postcodes and includes postcode boundaries (polygon data) and postcode centroids (point data).
Predictive Address Verification API Australian predictive address search and verification available via a RESTful Application Programming Interface (API). Returns a structured address string, fully parsed address data and geocode.
PSMA Cloud A web service that facilitates the integration of location data into your business systems and processes.
PSMA Developer Portal For direct access to PSMA data via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Geospatial APIs make accessing spatial data a low risk commitment, with a potential high return on investment.
Transport & Topography Over 2.7 million kilometres of roads, together with more than 30 feature types within transport, hydrology and green space themes.