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Pitney Bowes is a global technology company specialising in Location Intelligence software and data solutions, as well as customer engagement and data quality solutions. For more than 25 years, we have worked closely with Australian businesses and governments to help them make smarter, more informed decisions by leveraging location based technology. Our integrated portfolio includes: desktop, web and mobile mapping solutions; an enterprise infrastructure asset management solution; and a comprehensive portfolio of global spatial datasets including streets and addresses, cadastral data, demographics, risk data and building footprint data.

Our current Brands:
AnySite® Australia A powerful demographic reporting, mapping and analysis application that helps organisations uncover valuable insights about their locations, customers, territories and communities.
Confirm Confirm enterprise asset management solutions enable public and private sector organisations to deliver critical public infrastructure services that maximise operational efficiency and minimise cost.
MapInfo Business Points A comprehensive business database containing the name and geocoded location of over 1 million unique businesses in Australia.
MapInfo CadastralPlus CadastralPlus Australia contains more than 15 million properties and is designed to assist organisations in understanding information about land parcels in Australia.
MapInfo CAMEO Australia A consumer segmentation system that helps you understand who your customers are and what they “look like”. It classifies Australia into 53 distinct categories in 10 groups of affluence in 347,519 neig
MapInfo ExchangeInfo ExchangeInfo Australia incorporates Telstra’s telco infrastructure data to map out the telco landscape, allowing organisations to target customers using phone details to form a spatial correlation.
MapInfo G-NAF The most authoritative listing of physical addresses in Australia. It comprises over 13 million addresses, each linked to a unique and persistent identifier and latitude/longitude coordinates.
MapInfo MapMarker A market leading geocoding and address validation tool that draws upon the power of G-NAF data to provide back accurate mapping and cleansing of address records.
MapInfo Pro A powerful mapping and geographic analysis application designed to help business analysts, planners, GIS professionals and even non-GIS users to gain new market insights.
MapInfo RouteFinder A desktop solution for generating drive time isochrones, isodistances and routes from any input locations.
MapInfo StreetPro Use StreetPro data and mapping tools to create professional-quality maps for market research, site selection and geographic analysis.
Spectrum Spatial Analyst Spectrum Spatial Analyst is a web-based application that can be rapidly deployed and learned. It offers 24/7 access to location based data and analysis via your own on-premise or hosted infrastructure
Spectrum Spatial for BI Spectrum® Spatial for Business Intelligence adds powerful spatial capabilities to your existing Business Intelligence systems, so you can compare, query and visualise location-based data.