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Photomapping Services provides Precise Spatial Solutions, economically. A mapping and airborne imagery specialist with a focus on acquisition, manipulation, management and presentation of geospatial data. We operate our own aircraft with the following systems: precise Optech LiDAR, Leica ADS100 digital photographic sensors and oblique cameras. We distribute the Australian film archive from 1930. Precise film scanners. Products include: Orthophotos, DEMS, GIS, Precise 3D modeling & LiDAR.

Our current Brands:
ADS80 Digital Photography Photomapping Services uses the Leica ADS80 & ADS100 (large format four band digital camera with full high precision IMU and GNSS position and orientation systems.
Archival Photography Sole Access to Geoscience Australia National archival photography from the 1930s onward. Access to ours and other Photo archives & high precision scanners.
High Precision Airborne LiDAR ALTM Optech Galaxy LiDAR with High Precision IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and GNSS, advanced position and orientation systems for airborne vehicles.
Mapping Mapping services from capture to final presentation and manipulation. Including 3D Modelling
Precise Spatial Solutions Photomapping provides project specific high value information where free and existing data does not measure up.