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Outline Global are an industry leading provider of geospatial imagery and location based Artificial Intelligence. We specialise in custom captures leveraging our core technology the GTechTM camera pod system which is Australia’s first high resolution, survey grade portable camera pod. The flexibility of our system allows us be where you need us, when you need us to target specific capture times and targets. Applications of our products and services can be seen across mining, oil & gas, environmental projects, biosecurity, forestry, infrastructure and urban areas.

Our current Brands:
Colour Aerial Imagery Outline capture colour images (RGB), with industry leading true colour depth and sharpness. Colour images can be used for most applications such as mapping, input into a Geographic Information System (GIS), reporting and for general visualisation of an area.
Digital Elevation Models (image derived) Outline offers several different elevation data products depending on the level of detail and accuracy required for a particular project. Elevation models can be presented as either surface models (DSM) or bare earth models (DEM) which are derived from stereo imagery using state of the art filtering algorithms.
Digital Elevation Models (LiDAR derived) LiDAR elevation data acquisition is best suited for areas with dense vegetation and in areas with steep terrain where the sensor can precisely record height values beneath the understorey, thereby providing a detailed and accurate representation of the ground surface.
GMap Gmap is a web-based portal that provides cost effective, secure spatial data access for customers to view and stream their image data. Our portal is built on Outline's own server infrastructure. Data is served privately and not shared on public platforms. Your data is just that, your data and can only viewed by your team.
Location Based AI Outline Global are leaders in applying spatially enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to a range of 'real world' problems. Our approach is to ‘start with the end in mind’ and take time to understand desired outcomes and implement our tried and tested methodology to achieve these outcomes. With experience in managing and manipulating very large geospatial datasets, our strength lies in generating useful spatially referenced training data.
Multispectral Aerial Imagery Near Infrared (NIR) is captured simultaneously with the RGB images using industry leading sensors. NIR is collected at the same resolution as the colour (RGB) imagery and no “pan sharpening” is applied like is the case with many other systems. This provides customers with high resolution images that can be used to calculate vegetation indices such as NDVI to monitor vegetation density, growth, and plant health.
Thermal Aerial Imagery Thermal cameras detect, measure, and record thermal infrared radiance emitted by objects. Outlines thermal systems have the capability to capture high resolution aerial images across broad scale urban and catchment areas.