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OpenEarth provides consultancy, design, development and hosting in a wide range of spatial application areas, specialising in GIS, web mapping, Location-Based Services (LBS) for telecoms and browser-based asset management applications. It also provides SmartImages which are powerful, stand-alone applications delivered within ordinary images. SmartImages can extend asset support to mobile devices even when away from the network. OpenEarth have been providing spatial services for over 15 years.

Our current Brands:
OpenEarth LBS Server Supports the location, analysis and automatic notification, and customer support in mobile phones, especially those with fixed line numbers that need to remain at a registered address.
OpenEarth SmartImages Incorporates contextual information, event and action management and multimedia display into images, making them self-describing and interactive, even when offline. Applications include support of field staff for utilities, self-contained vector and raster GIS applications and medical patient records.