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Western Australia
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Manufacturer of Innovative DGPS systems for Mining and Asset Management. EEMIS Exploration Systems for Heritage Site avoidance and and drillsite status. Custom design GIS Asset management software for cost effective and optimised client operations. Engineering DGPS hardware design for Exploration and Plant collision avoidance. DGPS design is from Submeter to cm RTK applications. New release product is FTSlim, rugged, lightweight Decimetre systems especially designed for exploration.

Our current Brands:
EEMIS Heritage In cab Machine Guidance system for heavy plant to push drill lines through virgin ground within GDP areas. Active maps show cultural sites to avoid. An alarm sounds when 10meter buffer/edge is reached
EEMIS Site Multi Machine Earthworks management System that has won Golden Gecko award. Used by Exploration companies to design and manage drill hole stringlines within GDP areas. Status of Drill pads prepared.
TUSANI GeoPAK GeoPAK: Submetre Rugged Mapping Backpack. FTSLIM: Decimetre Mapping and set out functions for mining and rural councils. EEMIS Heavy Plant guidance system. AvSTAR Earthmoving plant control.