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9/621 Coronation Drive
TOOWONG, Queensland 4066
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Keays Software develops software for civil engineers and surveyors. Software for road design, surveying, surface modelling, 3D Visualisation, water supply, sewerage, drainage. Interface to AutoCAD. Development of software in AutoCAD. ADAC and A-Spec data transfers.

Our current Brands:
ADAC-X Viewer program is an add on package that is loaded into the AutoCAD ribbon menus. Create, edit and update ADAC objects (as constructed). Used by local authorities, civil designers and surveyors.
Eplan-X Cadastral exchange package for creating, editing and updating Titles office data. AutoCAD add on using the AutoCAD ribbon menu system.
Keays Software RoadPak Road design,Netpak Water supply analysis, Channel Open Channel flow, Sewer sewerage gravity design, ADAC as constructed data, Landxml and ePlan.