Geospatial Frameworks Pty Ltd

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Perth, Western Australia
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Geospatial Frameworks is a spatial information management consulting group working with government, industry and academia.

Geospatial Frameworks was established to meet the needs of government and industry in relation to geographic and land information systems and the essential policy and strategic frameworks that are such an important feature of the spatial information sector.

Geospatial Frameworks aims to maximise a company’s spatial investment through the implementation of sustainable data management processes and by leveraging spatial investments to achieve contemporary value-added products and services.

Geospatial Frameworks provides a multidisciplinary approach to businesses through a group of associates specialising in geographic and cadastral systems, land administration, land use management and spatial positioning

The team at Geospatial Frameworks has extensive experience in strategy and policy development, implementation planning, organisational structuring, supply chain management, strategic marketing and communications, and business development. Geospatial Frameworks also offers independent advice on location-based technology and procurement solutions.