Euclideon International Pty Ltd

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2 Gardner Close
Foyer 1, Level 2
Milton, Queensland 4064
view phone+61 7 3556 6290

With its ‘Unlimited Detail’ (ud) 3D visualisation patent Euclideon delivers unlimited data size and scale visualised and shared in seconds, therefore suited to very large scale projects reliant on sharing massive 3D data sets. Euclideon provides industry solutions for Mining, Rail, Road, Defence, Subsea, Surveying, Engineering, Construction, Smart Cities, Government and Heritage. A metaverse technology company, with its ongoing investment in AI, Machine Learning, VR ,AR and 3D Hologram advanced visualisation and experiential solutions, it’s core products include udStream visualisation and udCloud data management and collaboration in partnership with Microsoft Azure.

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm