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Avenza Systems has been developing software tools that have changed the way maps are made, distributed and consumed for over 20 years.

MAPublisher and Geographic Imager are our geospatial mapping software plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud and have become standard tools in the industry. MAPublisher and Geographic Imager are used by cartographers and people who work with spatial imagery to make beautiful maps in more easily, with features that bridge the gap between manipulating geospatial data and leveraging the design capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. These specialized tools for working with geospatial datasets simplify workflows and drastically reduce the time required to publish beautiful maps in a variety of formats for print, web, or mobile use.

Avenza Systems continues to change the industry with tools that allow high-quality maps to be created, distributed and consumed easily.

Download a free trial of Avenza MAPublisher and Avenza Geographic Imager from the website.
Download the Avenza Maps App from Google Play, or the Apple App Store.

Good to know
  1. Features
  1. MAPublisher:
  2. - Import GIS data in a variety of formats
  3. - Leverage Adobe Illustrator for design while maintaining data integrity
  4. Geographic Imager
  5. - Easily work with imagery in Adobe Photoshop
  6. Avenza Maps Pro
  7. - Offline location awareness on mobile devices
  8. - Import maps or access from the Avenza Map Store
  9. - Import and export map features and layers
  10. - Create and manage attribute schema
Our current Brands:
Avenza Maps A geospatial PDF and geotiff reader for iOS, Android and Windows devices; works with the locational abilities of these devices with and without bandwidth to make all your maps portable.
Geographic Imager Turns Adobe Photoshop into a spatial imagery editing tool. Works with GeoTIFF and other GIS image formats in Adobe Photoshop.
MAPublisher Turns Adobe Illustrator into map making software by bridging the gap between GIS and graphic design.