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Quality 4-band digital aerial photography, photogrammetry, LiDAR and aero3Dpro mapping services to the Australian spatial market; specialising in 3D modelling, digital orthophotos, LiDAR, DTM/DSM, point cloud & vector data for GIS and high accuracy engineering applications. Applications include mining, environmental projects, natural disaster management and reconstruction, real estate, defence, infrastructure construction, surveying, internet media, urban planning and asset management.

Our current Brands:
Aero3DPro Generated from aerial and ground photogrammetry, aero3Dpro provides fully textured, geographically accurate and high-resolution 3D models which include all natural and man-made objects present in a sc
Aerometrex A high-quality service provider in the field of aerial imagery and derived spatial products. Services range from 2.5 cm high-accuracy imagery for design engineering to rangelands coverage at 90 cm GSD
Atlass-Aerometrex Atlass-Aerometrex is Aerometrex's LiDAR service provider and is based in SEQ. Atlass operates 2 aircraft and LiDAR sensors and is ideally located to service the Australian East and Northern Coasts.
MetroMap MetroMap is a new aerial mapping initiative by Jacobs and AEROmetrex which acquires very high-resolution, frequently updated aerial imagery coverages.