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12d Model offers an integrated solution for the survey, design, modelling, analysis and construction of civil engineering projects worldwide. Specifically designed and created for the civil engineering industry, and used in more than 65 countries, it allows quick and high quality production in a variety of projects including roads, rail, channels, storage tanks, sub-divisions, landscaping, major pipelines, wastewater reticulation, site layouts, flood modeling, and environmental impact studies.

Our current Brands:
12d 3D Visualisation Suitable for small or large scale operations, 12d can create detailed 3D visualisations for presentation to clients.
12d ADAC 12d Solutions has been involved with ADAC.XML since its incep-tion, with 12d’s goal being to integrate the ADAC process into the full cycle from Design to Construction, Construction to As Built, and f
12d Alignment 12d Model is your ideal detailed alignment solution! The alignment module is essential for users who need to model complex projects such as highways, intersections, urban & rural roads, subdivisions..
12d Customisation 12d Model includes a powerful programming language (4DL). Users can utilise the vast library of graphics and analysis commands, or define their own routines.
12d Data Exchange Data transfer is highly accurate; colours, layers, line styles, and string attributes can be mapped in and out of 12d Model.
12d Dynamic Drainage Extends hydrology beyond the rational method of simply measuring peaks; for hydraulics, it uses the full St Venant equation.
12d Earthwork & Volume Calculation Functionality that delivers high level volume analysis; 3D surface analysis; and earthworks processing and investigation.
12d Field Enables surveyors and engineers to use the full functionality of 12d Model on small, daylight readable tablets and notebooks, in the field.
12d Model Base Available in various point sizes depending on the size of projects (in data points): 50K, 100K, 250K, 5 Million and 250 Million (64 bit operating system required).
12d Rivers 12d Model reduces modeling set-up time for river, flood plain, and open channel studies.
12d RoadFlow - Drainage 2D - TUFLOW Interface Surface flow analysis is critical to creating a safe environment during flood events. 12d Model and TUFLOW give you the tools to make our environment safer.
12d Roads & Highways Super alignments provide the tools for a full range of civil work, including: basic roads to multi lane highways; canal and waterway design; rail; or any other alignment creation work.
12d Survey Designed for the topographic, cadastral and engineering surveyor that seeks better productivity while downloading, checking and editing field information.
12d Synergy 12d Synergy is a data management&project collaboration tool. It runs independently of 12d Model. It has wide-ranging uses within an organisation, &is not designed to be solely used by technical staff.
12d Track This module provides tools to facilitate the design of railway alignments and station yard layouts, using 12d Model.
12d Urban Drainage & Utilities The drainage module offers substantial benefits from conception to construction of piped drainage networks.